6 Jul 2016

SeaWorks Fleet Management System

1Secureweb announce SeaWorks, a cloud based FMS (Fleet Management System) that is developed on the established Project1 System. Seaworks offers maintenance planning, record keeping, ship spares and stores inventory and reporting in compliance with regulatory requirements. Further modules in the works include accounting and budgeting. SeaWorks is a fully responsive design and so is also ready for using on mobile devices and tablets. SeaWorks is accessed via Internet and requires no installation.

As with all 1Secureweb applications, modules from other applications automatically integrate where necessary so no data is entered in twice. Seaworks integrates with 1Secureweb CRM for companies and contacts and with the inventory and accounting modules, while Purchasing is via integration with iMarine Software SeaProc system which is also cloud based.

We see synergy between Seaworks and iMarine since both softwares are based on cloud technology and uses the latest technology making them the best in the maritime industry.