Virtual Data Room

When you are finalising an acquisition or managing a merger, you have lots of documents and changes. Documents that you need to keep secure - whatever the outcome. Our data room solution puts you in control of who has access to your documents, if necessary restricting printing, saving and tampering. Secure data, correct versioning and you know who's seen which documents and when. M&A transactions using a virtual data room speed up the due diligence process and average 20-30% higher bid values.



Particularly when there is some distance between the parties, the process of due diligence is made faster and less expensive by using a virtual data room. Parties in offices in different cities, different countries can have access without limitations of travel or timezones


We implement the rules of a physical data room. While you make the documents available electronically, they cannot be copied or printed - unless you specifically allow, per document, per user.


In the interests of satisfying guarantees of disclosure, we can also track and record date of each document made available, modifications and show who has accessed each document


After the completion of the due diligence process and a successful merger, we can optionally archive as a trusted third party a requirement to access documents again in the future. This is particularly important if there are former shareholder guarantees forming part of the agreement.