A system that has functionality for businesses in restaurant and takeaway food and even in food preparation and portion control.


At the introduction level it starts with a menu. The menu can be displayed on your website or on smart TV's using our Info Screen system which is a very cost effective way of creating illuminated menu displays which can be changed whenever you need.

  • Multi-language menu/website option eg, English, French, Russian
  • Import/Export functions can be customised to work with your POS systems.

Production control and costing

Working together with our Store1 and Production Assembly System we build up component and ingredient and cost analyses for every item on your menu.

This suits individual restaurants, chain restaurants and centralised production and portion control.

Info screen

Display your menus. Screen contents can be fixed content, use multiple screens with different content and can be scheduled to switch content say to run short adverts every 3 minutes (totally flexible to your choice of timing). Adverts can be for your own products or earn revenue from 3rd parties.

LED Signs and video walls

Together with our LED hardware manufacturing partners, we implement LED signage to restaurant and store exteriors. We programme the designs and the great thing about LED signs is that you can have your design changed as often as you like incorportating text, graphics, photos and even video.

We also organise and programme video walls as large as you like - we've done 10M x 10M